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Coronavirus (Covid19) Policy & Guidance

With Qualified Driving Instructors now being given the go ahead to resume lessons from 4th July 2020 we at Johnson School of Motoring are having to introduce a new policy which comes into force with immediate effect.

This policy has been put in place to not only protect the pupil but the driving instructor also. The reason for this is to try and keep the working environment as safe as possible to minimize the risk of passing on Covid19.

As you are aware it is impossible to keep even a 1-meter gap when inside a car and on occasion there may be accidental physical contact. This is the main reason why driving lessons have not been able to take place. Below is a set of guidelines/risk assessments that we will need you to read and check before having a lesson.

Prior to your lesson-taking place your instructor will be sending you a message that will need to be checked and answered and returned before the lesson commences. If we do not receive a response and arrive at your scheduled lesson, time will be taken to answer these questions. This will effectively shorten your lesson. If you have not received a message within 2 hours of your lesson time please message your instructor. (If your lesson is first thing in the morning please do this the day before).

Prior to your lesson-taking place should you feel unwell with any of the current Covid19 symptoms* YOU MUST TELL YOUR INSTRUCTOR IMMEDIATELY. This also applies should you subsequently come into contact with someone who has been diagnosed with covid19 prior to your lesson. If your instructor arrives for your lesson and you then advise the instructor of either of the above we have the right to charge you for the lesson. This is not something we wish to do however I’m sure you’ll understand that we are trying to earn a living in these trying times and your co-operation will be greatly appreciated.

If you are classed as High Risk* or are co-habiting with someone who is I strongly advise you not to book any lessons. Should you wish to go ahead with lessons this is done so at your own risk and Johnson School of Motoring cannot be held responsible.

Your Driving Instructor will before and after each lesson clean and sanitize: –

+ Interior & Exterior door handle + Steering Wheel + Gear Lever + Keys
+ Parking Brake + Seatbelt + All Controls that will be used by the driver.

Disclaimer 1

Should your instructor become unwell or has come into contact with someone who has covid19 we may have to cancel your lesson at short notice. As per test and trace guidelines should your instructor come into contact with someone who has been diagnosed with covid19 after your lesson you will be advised of this.
Having followed all procedures you understand Johnson School of Motoring can only REDUCE the risk of catching Covid19 and cannot be held responsible should you catch it as a result of taking driving lessons.
* Follow NHS guidelines

Covid19 Driving Lesson Do’s & Do not’s

• Do wash and sanitize your hands before and after your lesson
• Do bring your own sanitizer with you (we will have some should you forget)
• Do bring a facemask or visor to wear which should be worn throughout the lesson (we are aware of steaming up issues with people who wear glasses). If you use a disposable mask throw it away after the lesson. If it’s a washable mask or visor please wash it before your next lesson. If you come out without a facemask or visor you may be sent back to get one or alternatively you may be able to purchase one from your instructor depending on availability. Check before the lesson as your instructor can refuse to conduct the lesson, YOU MAY BE CHARGED FULL PRICE if not advised before arrival.
• Do bring any PPE you wish to wear disposable gloves/clothing and dispose of them at the end of the lesson.
• Do wear appropriate clothing due to the fact we are going to be in close proximity. This means we need to minimize the amount of bare skin exposed so please wear long sleeved tops and cover your feet and legs.
• Do keep your window open throughout the lesson as much as possible to keep the air circulating within.
• Do try to cough or sneeze into your arm should you require to. If you need tissues due to hay fever for example please bring your own and dispose of them yourself at the end of the lesson.
• Do bring your own pen so you can write any future appointments down at the end of the lesson.
• Don’t shake hands or touch your instructor before entering and also when inside the vehicle.
• Don’t touch any training aids unless they have been cleaned in front of you.
• Don’t do your lesson if you have Covid19 symptoms or have come into contact with someone who has been diagnosed with Covid19 or has the symptoms.
• Don’t cough or sneeze directly into your hands!! If you feel like you need to do either advise the instructor who will direct you to a safe position to stop if able to.
• Don’t share a pen!
• Don’t ignore the risk assessment form sent to you prior to your lesson. Failure to do so can result in your lesson being shorter than expected while it is completed at your pickup point.

Disclaimer 2

All Johnson School of Motoring instructors have been made aware of our Policy and Guidance. All our
instructors are self-employed, Johnson School of Motoring cannot be held responsible should the instructor fail to follow the guidelines.

Pre Lesson Risk Assessment

Prior to your lesson we will require you to respond to these questions before our arrival. This is designed for both our safety and peace of mind.

If you answer YES to any of these questions I will have to contact you to discuss options.


* Are you suffering from or have suffered from any COVID-19 symptoms since your last lesson? YES/NO

* Does any member of your immediate household currently have any COVID-19 symptoms or feel the need to self-isolate? YES/NO

* I am not currently classed or in close contact with somebody who is in a vulnerable group under the COVID-19 Gov guidelines? YES/NO


* Do you have any allergies or health conditions that mean you will not be able to use any hand sanitizer provided by me? YES/NO

* I may be wearing a face covering during lessons in order to minimize risk from myself to you. This means my voice may be muffled. Do you have difficulties with hearing? YES/NO

* Do you have any problem with wearing face coverings during lessons? (When tests re start you will have to or be refused) YES/NO

* Are you under the age of 18? Does your parent/guardian disagree with any of the above? YES/NO/NA


By returning this document you agree you have read our policy and guidance posted on our facebook page and website. Should we not be able to come to an agreeable alternative to any of the questions you may of answered yes to, as an instructor working for Johnson School of Motoring Ltd I reserve the right to refuse to conduct the lesson. This is only because we don’t feel comfortable in putting you at risk.